Freedom Township, Michigan

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Summary of Emergency Phone Numbers for Pipeline Spills, Hazardous Spills, and MISS DIG Update

The following information is provided for residents concerning recent pipeline spills, and general hazardous materials spills, and to provide current information on MISS DIG.

1.  To report problems with Wolverine Pipeline Co. facilities, please call collect at 219-844-9510, the company's emergency phone line. You can also visit

2.  To report problems with Enbridge Pipeline facilities, please call 800-858-5253, or visit

3.  To report general hazardous materials spills, please contact Washtenaw County Emergency Management Division at 734-973-4900 (Office) or 734-973-4911 (Emergency). Their web site is

4.  Before digging underground, and to avoid damaging buried underground lines, contact MISS DIG at 811. See also the MISS DIG Information flyer.



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