Consumers Energy to start hydrostatic testing

Consumers Energy has been performing hydrostatic testing on new piping installed on the project.  Hydrostatic testing involves filling new piping with water and applying pressure to confirm the integrity of the pipe.  After the hydrostatic testing, the water is removed from the piping system and the pipe is dried.  Starting on August 13th and lasting for a duration of approximately four weeks the contractor will be performing a series of air blows to remove hydro-test water and dry the piping. During the air blows, normal air is compressed with an air compressor, dried,  and then released through the pipe to remove water from the pipe.  The air blows may generate a whistling, hissing or rushing sound approximately 30 seconds long every 15 minutes or other interval. Following completion of the air blows, dry air is passed through the piping until it reaches the acceptable level of drying.

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