Washtenaw County Roadside Herbicide Spraying Program


As you may know, we will be conducting our annual rural roadside herbicide spraying program later this summer. We will be spraying along rural county roadways sometime between August 1 and mid-September. This is an important part of our Roadside Vegetation Control Program to help keep the road right-of-way clear.


We will be communicating this program in a couple of ways, including:


  1. We have already reached out to the township supervisor in each of the townships impacted this year to notify them of the program and provide educational material to their constituents.
  2. We have updated our website with current information, including the herbicide’s Material Safety Data Sheets and Opt Out Application (see links below).
  3. In June, we will send out an advisory email to all subscribers in the impacted townships notifying them of the program and providing information on how to opt out.
  4. In July, our contractor will post the required legal posting in the Ann Arbor News and the Sun Times News.


If you have property owners who want to opt of this program, they need to follow the steps outlined below before July 15, 2019:


  1. Complete an application form for a “No Treatment Zone” (see links below). Return completed form to WCRC no later than July 15, 2019.
  2. Clear the road right-of-way abutting their property of weed growth and brush. A minimum of 14 feet off the traveled portion of the road and 14 feet above the road must be cleared of vegetation.
  3. Once this area has been cleared, notify WCRC. Prior to the herbicide spraying, WCRC will mark the start and end of their property using stakes and direct its contractor to not spray the staked area.


Please keep in mind that this is a targeted operation, we will not be spraying along mowed lawns, in subdivisions, on officially designated “Natural Beauty Roads” or adjacent to bodies of water. Our contractor is also required to follow strict application guidelines including monitoring wind speeds.  


Here are some helpful links:


 -Washtenaw County Road Commission



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