Pipeline Company Updates

Pipeline Company Updates


Starting in Mid-March, Consumers Energy will begin our Pleasant Lake City Gate Rebuild at 12201 E. Pleasant lake Rd Manchester, MI 48158.  There will be some pre- construction work done on the site to prepare for the rebuild during the months of March and April. The actual rebuild will begin in July shortly after the holiday with contractor mobilization July 5-7th to prepare for construction. During this time you will see activity in the area, including trucks, construction equipment and additional manpower.  If during the rebuild process, there is a need to odorize the area, we will let you know prior. 


The Consumers Energy pump house on Reno Rd. is no longer needed for the operation of our Freedom Compressor Station in Freedom Township.  Therefore, we will be demolishing the structure in an environmentally friendly manner, protecting the lake and land during the process.  The demolition is expected to begin at the end of January (weather permitting) and continue through February.  During this time residents in the area will see construction vehicles and workers performing the demolition.  For the safety of the community, please be cautious around the area due to larger trucks, increased activity and do not enter or come near the construction area.  

Once demolition has concluded the area will continue to have a fence around the Consumers Energy owned land and will only be accessible to Consumers Energy employees and the local fire Department for training or emergency use. 



Freedom Upgrade Project Monthly Construction Update for July 2023:

  • Landscaping
  • Installation of storm structures and detention ponds
  • Asphalt paving parking lots and driveways

July 2023 Work Plan

  • Asphalt paving the driveways and parking lots inside the station started in June and is expected to be complete in early July.  The residents may see paving equipment and trucks delivering asphalt to the station.   
  • A project to replace the regulation, metering and odorizing equipment for the Pleasant Lake distribution gas will start in July.  The residents will see construction equipment in the NE corner of the station for the next several months. 
  • Demolition of the Pleasant Lake Pumphouse was completed in February.  There’s some remaining punch list work to clean-up the site and pour concrete to fill-in the old structures.  We’re expecting this work to happen intermittently through the next several months and be completed by end of July. 
  • Demolition of the old parking lot is planned for early July.
  • Tree planting and final seeding activities are scheduled for September 2023. 

 July 2023 Work Schedule

  • The project will work a Monday – Friday, 7:00AM – 5:30PM schedule. 
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Wolverine Pipeline - Fall 2021 Newsletter

Our Commitment to a Safe Working Environment
Thanks to the relentless efforts of healthcare workers, emergency responders, and other COVID-19 heroes, many states are recommending businesses return to full capacity in the workplace. Wolverine Pipe Line Company falls into this category and is currently implementing its return to work plan while following CDC and MIOSHA guidelines. With safety as our top priority and core value as a company, we are keeping the following protocols in place in order to achieve the safest possible outcome:
  • Pre-Screen: Measure employee temperature and assess symptoms prior to start of work
  • Regular Monitoring: Employees complete “Are You Sick?” questionnaires upon arriving to work, self-monitor for symptoms, and report concerns to supervisors
  • Wear a Mask: Employees wear face masks when unable to maintain a proper social distance of six (6) feet outdoors and in enclosed spaces
  • Social Distance: Employees maintain six (6) feet and practice social distancing as work duties permit in the workplace
  • Disinfect and Clean Workspaces: Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting in all common areas
For the past year, we have been doing our part to reduce the spread of the virus. With a vaccine that is becoming more readily available, we are all confident that steps can be further taken to protect ourselves, our families, and our neighbors. 
Niles Veteran gets a helping hand during Day of Caring
NILES, Mich. (WNDU) - Now, when we think about What’s Good in Michiana, we have to talk about the annual Day of Caring in Berrien County.
This is the one day every year when employees from The Berrien County Cancer Service and Wolverine Pipe Line get together to lend a helping hand to a community member going through a tough time. Read more
Wolverine Pipe Line Company and Local Emergency Responders Practice Incident Response Drills along the Grand River and the Red Cedar River
Wolverine practices deploying boom across the Grand River in Eaton Rapids, MI on September 30, 2021
Lansing, Mich. — Wolverine Pipe Line Company (Wolverine) recently conducted simulated emergency response drills along the Grand River in Eaton Rapids, MI and along the Red Cedar River in Williamston, MI. The drills were scheduled as part of Wolverine’s annual emergency response preparedness training.
Wolverine personnel, along with emergency responders from the area including the Hamlin Township Fire Department, placed containment boom in the rivers to simulate product control and recovery methods that may be deployed in an actual release on the river. Read more
Virtual PIPE Program
Wolverine's community outreach program is called the Partners in Pipeline Education or PIPE. Through the PIPE Program, we make personal connections to the local Fire Departments, Police Departments, Emergency Management Personnel, Government Officials and other stakeholders with whom we work with for normal operation and maintenance activities and in case of an actual emergency. We are currently scheduling virtual PIPE Presentations for the remaining calendar year. If interested in participating in this program, click here to contact Chelsea Yi.
Thank you for reading the Wolverine Pipe Line Company Community Newsletter. We hope you enjoyed reading about some of the community programs and projects we have been involved in for the past few months.
Please don't forget to share this newsletter with employees, first responders, constituents, and anyone else who might be interested. 
 Always remember to call 811 before you dig!
Wolverine Pipe Line Company is a fuel transportation company headquartered in Portage, Michigan. Wolverine operates ~700 miles of active pipeline transporting refined petroleum products from refineries in the Chicago area to the Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan markets. Wolverine transports approximately 30% of all gasoline and diesel fuel used in Michigan.  
Wolverine Pipe Line Company | 8075 Creekside Drive, Suite 210Portage, MI 49024
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