General Voting Information

For Questions Contact your Township Clerk:

Valisa Bristle, 734.428.7545 ext. 2 or by e-mail at vbristle@freedomtownshipmi.org

Clerks Office Hours:  by appointment.

Where to Vote :

Freedom Town Hall: 11508 Pleasant Lake Rd, Manchester, MI 48158

What Times the Polls are Open:

Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Click here to register to vote.

Absentee Voting

Click here for an Absent Voter Ballot Application

You can mail the absent voter ballot application to:
Freedom Township Clerk
11508 Pleasant Lake Road
Manchester, Mi 48158

Ballots can be returned by mail or use one of two locked drop boxes in front of the main double doors at the Freedom Township town hall located at:
11508 Pleasant Lake Road
Manchester, Mi 48158

What You Need to Know About Absentee Voting: 

If you make a mistake and need to spoil your ballot and be issued a new one please fill out this form and contact the Freedom Township Clerk about being issued a new ballot.


Voter Registration

Eligible citizens may become registered to vote in a variety of ways, at any time through Election Day.  Individuals who register to vote within the 14-day period immediately preceding an election must appear in person at their city or township clerk’s office and provide proof of residency. 

Individuals using any other method must register to vote at least 15 days before Election Day and are not required to provide proof of residency.  Other methods of registration include an application obtained at one of the following locations: 

  • Your local Secretary of State branch office 
  • Your local county, city, or township clerk's office
  • Offices of several state agencies, like the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department of Community Health, and the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs
  • Military recruitment centers
  • Voter registration drives
  • Online at www.Michigan.gov/sos

Michigan law states that the same address must be used for voter registration and driver's license purposes. That means, if the residence address you provide on the application differs from the address shown on a driver's license or personal identification card issued by the state of Michigan, the Secretary of State will automatically change your driver's license or personal ID card address to match the residence address entered on this form. If a change is made, the Secretary of State will mail you an address update sticker for your driver's license or personal ID card.

You can check your voter registration at  www.michigan.gov/vote

Voter Registration Mail-In Form

Upcoming Elections

Upcoming 2024 Elections:

February 27, 2024, Presidential Primary

August 6, 2024, Primary Election

November 5, 2024, General Election



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