Work at the Consumer Energy Freedom Compressor Station for the month of September

Starting 9/6 and going through 9/23 Consumer Energy will be performing periodic venting of gas at the Freedom Compressor station.  During that time you may hear a loud sound similar to a jet engine.  The venting will be brief each time and there is no need for concern.  Public Safety will be notifying their contacts about the venting. 

Freedom Upgrade Project Monthly Construction Update for September 2022:

  • Commissioning of the two units on the west side of the new compressor building.

September 2022 Work Plan

  • Testing and commissioning runs on three compressors has completed.   The first stage of the project is complete and will continue to be operated 24-hours per day depending on gas system needs.  The project may be venting gas to perform maintenance on the units if necessary as part of planned work.
  • The testing and commissioning of the last two units is in the final stages.  The safety systems have been tested and the final two compressor units were started in August.  For the next two months they’ll be operate to demonstrate reliability.  Once the units have demonstrated that they can operate reliably they’ll be turned over to the station for full-time operation.    
  • The project will be performing work this month to disconnect the legacy plants 1 & 2 from the gas transmission system.  Hydro-excavation and mechanical work started in the Panhandle yard(west of the Freedom Station) last month and will continue through this September.  Residents will see hydro-excavation work starting the week of 9/19 on the north side of the station.  The mechanical work is expected to start on 9/26 and will continue through October.  Once the outage work is complete the legacy plants 1 & 2 will no longer be in-service.     
  • There will be gas venting in September to remove gas from the piping that will be disconnected. 

September 2022 Work Schedule

  • The project will work a Monday – Friday, 7:00AM – 3:30PM schedule.  The project will work a 7:00AM – 5:30PM schedule on occasion if required to maintain progress.  Saturday work is not planned. 

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